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demoFounded in January 2014, AwarenessHub is a data-powered social marketing software suite that help identify prospects across the social web & win more deals. It’s cloud-based suite leverage data science to rapidly model and score the profiles & signals across the social web.  The result is segmented lists of individuals who can be hyper-targeted for 1-to-1 social marketing programs resulting in a tremendous lift in MQL’s, pipeline and sales conversions.  Past and present customers leading brands in the B2B and B2C space including some of the worlds most well-known brands.

Headquartered in Boston, MA, AwarenessHub is privately held and is funded by business leaders from the software, marketing and start-up community.

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Why AwarenessHub

Unlike other systems that only offer point solutions focused specifically on social listening or publishing or engagement, AwarenessHub offers an end-to-end solution that efficiently manages all social marketing activities with actionable knowledge, all from a single interface.

Customers choose AwarenessHub for both the superior technology, as well as their deep understanding and alignment to customers’ desired business outcomes.

Greater Visibility

  • Know where and what prospects and customers are saying, and how to better interact and engage with them
  • Real-time views and executive reports on social marketing impact

More Flexibility

  • Highly configurable system based on rules you set and control
  • Secure centralized publishing with detailed permission controls

Aligned Results

  • Actionable intelligence aligned to defined metrics and business objectives
  • Measurable impact yielding solid returns

Product Screenshots

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