Case Study: Whitehall Lane Winery

Case Study: Whitehall Lane Winery

I came across a great post over at Social Media Examiner the presents a case study on how Whitehall Lane Winery both increased sales and customer loyalty through the use of social media.

The reason this case study stood out for me was the focus on how a small winery leveraged social media to drive sales.  Specifically they accomplished through story telling and educating the market as opposed to selling.  In fact, what they found is results did not change when they attempted to to sell.  While their efforts drove traffic to wine tastings, sales did not substantially increase.  They immediately modified their twitter strategy to focus on education and story telling which did have a dramatic increase on results.

Results are summarized below and more details can be find at Social Media Examiner.

Organization: Whitehall Lane Winery

Social Media Handles & Stats:


  • Direct sales have increased month-to-month with no increase in tasting room walk-ins
  • Wine club member sales increased 39% from September 2012 to September 2013
  • Wine club member retention has increased to over 99% each month
  • Wine dinners at partnering restaurants sell out, and wine club signups at the dinners have increased dramatically

Learn more at Social Media Examiner.  Note that all statistics and information provided were excerpted from the Social Media Examiner blog post published by Louise Julig


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